Commission A Custom Song / Beat




Need an intro for your new podcast?

Are you an aspiring rapper but can’t find a decent beat for under $500

Looking for something uniquely special for your special someone?

Why not hire me, Z Cubed to produce a song for you?

I fully admit I’m not the greatest musician or producer in the world and tons of people can make cooler sounding stuff than me, but I would say I put a lot of heart into my work and want you to be happy with your purchase in the end, and recommend me to your friends & family.

For just 1 payment of $199.99 I will create a song for you (with up to 5 revisions if you don’t like the initial piece I send you) and you will own it forever. You can collect royalties on it, use it for any commercial/non-commercial project you want and tell all your friends it’s your song. I won’t even ask to be named in your project, this will really be yours!

I can’t guarantee a timeline because it depends on how busy I am with my other jobs, but in general you can expect your custom jam in 30 days or less.


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